【Lakeland University Japan】Workshop Class!


Lakeland university has a class ”workshop” .

I will tell you about the content of workshop!

In this class, students read a variety of genre topic and write summary.

After that, teacher dictate you to sentences.


Topic: What is culture?

Lakeland university students are from many countries, so different culture is a big issue.

We can understand a relationship between environment and society by this article.

Element of Culture





There are a lot of culture all over the world.

However, all culture have a universal character.


Topic: Technology

We can learn about history of technology!

Human have improved technology and technology have improved human!

Our first technology is making tool to hunting. In other words, it is stone!

Early human use stone for chopping plants, digging up roots, and protection from predators!

Development of Technology

Hunting → Agriculture → Urbanization → Mass production → → →Artificial intelligence(AI)

Therefore, human history is along with technology!